The School Day


School staff are on the playground from 8.45am and are usually available on short notice before hand for you to ask any questions, raise any concerns or simply say hello!  Please note for a more detailed chat, an appointment will need to be made. 


Once the church bell chimes at 9:00am, the school children will head to their classrooms.


The school day

At 9am the children all head to assembly.  On Monday Collective Worship is called ‘Open the Book’ when members of the church community come into school and act out stories from the Bible.  


10:45 - break

A 15 minute break for all children. KS1 children have fruit as a snack every morning provided by the school. KS2 children provide their own snacks but are encouraged to bring in healthy food each day.  

In addition, all children are welcome to sign up for milk which is free to those under 5


12 - 1 lunch

Children have the choice of having either a cooked lunch or bringing their own packed lunch from home. If children have a packed lunch they are encouraged to make healthy food choices and we ask that no chocolate bars (for example Mars bars) are included. 


3:15 - Pickup

Children are collected from the front of school at 3.15pm. If parents are unable to collect their child/ren, the school must be notified as soon as possible.  If alternative arrangements are to be made, then the School office must be provided with details.  For security purposes, parents make themselves known to the class teacher before taking their child.  

We regularly offer after school clubs until 4pm Monday - Thursday.  Occasionally these clubs will need to be cancelled and parents will be updated with as much notice as possible.  We do not run any clubs the first week back of each term.



It really does help your child, and us, to be on time to school.  If you are going to be late, we ask that you contact the school to let us know.  If your child has a school meal, the school needs to know their menu choice before 9:30. 

If you are unavoidably late in the afternoon, please ring the school to let us know.  Please be aware that late collection after 3:15 will result in a charge for after school care. 

Time off school

Parents have a legal duty to ensure that children of compulsory school age receive an appropriate education. The rules for registering absence of pupils are laid down by the DfE. Any absence not notified has to be recorded as unauthorised. This can lead to enquiries from the Education Welfare Officer. Attendance is measured by the local authority and we, as a school, are keen to keep our attendance figure as high as we can.  Time off school for holidays or general activities will not be authorised and will be marked as unauthorised.  If you need to take your child out for exceptional circumstances, you will need to inform the school office and gain permission.